Harnessing Polymer Biophysics for

Superior Biotechnology Therapies


About Valitor

Valitor is developing a new generation of biotechnology therapies that have been engineered to outperform conventional therapeutics by orders of magnitude

We combine biotechnology with biophysics to maximize the pharmacological performance of our therapeutic products and enable unprecedented efficacy and safety profiles

Our lead product has been designed to disrupt several major markets in ophthalmology. Our core technology has also been applied to a broad set of indications, including immuno-oncology and treatments for inflammation

Our technology

Our core technology platform originated at UC Berkeley and enables us to generate multivalent protein (MVP) conjugates by tethering multiple copies of bioactive molecules (e.g., camelid antibodies, cytokines, etc.) to single-chain, soluble biopolymers. Using Valitor’s propriety compositions and chemistry methods, our MVPs exhibit the following advantages over other therapeutic products that are either on the market or in development:

Extended Target Tissue Retention

Superior Pharmacokinetics

Protection from Deactivation

Engineered for

High Potency

Designed from Endogenous Materials

Superior Pharmaco-stability

Superior Pharmacodynamics

Superior Safety Profile


Semi finalist 2011


California JumpStart Award 2016

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