Engineering better medicines.
Conquering drug limitations.

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Deploying a first-in-class technology for disruptive medicines

Valitor is conquering limitations of established drug targets by leveraging its multivalent biopolymer technology to maximize benefits for patients. The company is engineering disruptive medicines that optimize how and where disease mechanisms are targeted to produce the most significant clinical impact. Valitor is initially focused on improving patient outcomes in ophthalmology and vision-threatening diseases.

Durable treatment for vision-threatening diseases

More effective treatments for cancer therapies

Localized treatment for joint disease

Our Team

We have brought together seasoned biotechnology executives, innovative bioengineers and scientists, and leading drug developers to develop better medicines for patients.


Michael Ostrach, JD

Interim CEO

Wesley Jackson, PhD

President, Chief Scientific Officer & Member of the Board

William S. (Sandy) White, PharmD, MBA

Chief Development Officer

Omkar Joshi

Omkar Joshi, PhD

Senior Vice President of Technical Operations

Board of Directors


Valitor’s Multivalent Polymer (MVP) technology platform was created for improved therapeutic potency, durability, and safety.

Valitor’s groundbreaking technology platform is based on proprietary multivalent biopolymers that can be loaded with multiple copies of bioactive molecules. The biopolymers and bioactive molecules are interchangeable, which enables Valitor to assemble novel macromolecular entities that are engineered to overcome a multitude of specific drug design challenges for their target indications. This approach allows for independent control of multiple drug attributes, including pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic properties, improved target engagement/tissue localization, therapeutic durability, and improved safety.

Engineered to overcome the limitations of conventional therapeutics:

Extended Target Tissue Retention (superior pharmacokinetics) 

Protection from Deactivation/Reactivity (superior pharmaco-stability)

Engineered for High Potency (superior pharmacodynamics)


Novel compounds have shown >1,000-fold increases in potency, up to 10-fold increases in tissue retention, and excellent preclinical safety

Valitor’s lead development candidate is a long-acting treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Current anti-VEGF treatments require frequent intravitreal injections, and poor compliance has been linked to losses in efficacy over the long-term. We are developing a next-generation anti-VEGF therapy dosed just twice yearly, with the goal of improving long-term efficacy.

We are developing a second product for the treatment of chronic uveitis. This disease typically requires long-term steroid administration, which is associated with significant side effects. By generating a sustained anti-inflammatory response with minimal systemic exposure, our long acting anti-TNF biologic may enable a steroid-sparing treatment strategy to improve the long-term outcomes in patients receiving treatment for chronic uveitis.

Based on the broad potential applicability of our technology platform, including in geographic atrophy, cancer and joint diseases, Valitor has several earlier-stage programs to fuel a growing pipeline.




We’re motivated by the opportunity to make an impact.

We have established a corporate culture based on collaboration, communication and creation. We are here to create new medicines for patients, meaningful experiences for employees and value for stakeholders. 

For our employees, we offer an attractive compensation package along with medical, dental, and vision insurances. We also enjoy spending time together at company events and we take pride in being responsible members of the community through company-hosted volunteer work and STEM-related activities. 

Job openings

We are not seeking to fill any positions at this time, but we are always interested in qualified candidates. Feel free to send your resume and cover letter to